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Helene Su

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Raising your Vital Life Force - The Science and the Practice

'Coming from a science background myself, I really struggle to engage myself spiritually and allow myself to become inspired by what's directly round me. Helene's workshop at Noisily festival really resonated with me in a way I've not experienced before, it allowed me to let go and explore my body's natural movement. I've always been fascinated by the elements, and have tried over the years to embody them in the various forms of dance I practice. The Earth Body Fire Spirit dance workshop really helped me to align and engage myself with these natural inspirations and I look forward to taking this forward into my other interests of dance!'


'I feel that your workshop gave me a safe environment to experiment outside of my usual dance training and gave me an opportunity to express myself in ways which are not usually possible in common dance styles which are restricted to set 'moves' that don't always allow you to express yourself through the movement as you desire (as you are commonly judged directly on how "clean" and with-form you can do the moves). I feel everyone felt welcome and quite engaged (even my brother who rarely dances) - your positive attitude meant that I felt that I was learning something new despite my experience in dance.'


'I met Helene at a festival where I attended her workshop on Somatic Dance. Her clear and focused guidance showed me new different ways on how to think about my body and express myself while dancing, helping me to release from rigid movement patterns and tension.'