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Raising your Vital Life Force - The Science and the Practice

A guided freeflow dynamic dancing meditation

Ancient, tribal, primal and vital, this is a practice that man has used since time began.

We come together in prayer and meditation. Through breathwork, somatic awareness and guided movement we will spiral in, dive deep and journey to the centre of our being to emerge into a freeflow dynamic dancing meditation. We will dance into the flesh of our experience and move through our chakras, our vital yogic energy centres, connecting to the earth's elements to move through our passion, fears, tears and joy.  We emerge to find freedom in body, heart and mind, light and empowered.

By embodying Earth we return to the dance of our tribal cultures, the beat of our hearts in our mothers’womb.

To move Water is to

 move with freedom, to dive into the mysterious depths of our oceanic beginnings.

Fire gives clarity. The heat warms our bodies, our hearts and our souls.

Air brings breath and oxygen into every living cell.  We dance our breath and our breath dances us.

The Ether element is the natural high.

Dancing Warrior