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Helene Su

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Raising your Vital Life Force - The Science and the Practice

'I love your way of working with me. You have got such wisdom, humbleness and congruence about you that I feel very honoured to have these sessions with you...this is coming from my heart!


‘Really surprised by the depth of experience. So valuable to get in touch with the inner truth of my body, from my body. Great to give my body time to freely express myself. I heard so much and learnt so much. Helene is a wonderful workshop leader - sensitive, kind, encouraging, empowered and with good, clear boundaries.’   Sonia

‘Helene gave me four one-on-one sessions using somatic explorations and exercises. The first three sessions were characterised by a feeling of being stuck or trapped and wanting to open out.  The final one was more like a release into something new.

Helene’s presence throughout was always helpful without being intrusive or over prescriptive.  She made subtle suggestions after careful observation and I always found these helpful for the process.  ‘Hands on’ was used as needed and requested by myself and this felt very supportive.

Two days after the last session I knew that something had changed in me.  I was able to voice difficult emotions that previously I would have stifled.  The way in which I voiced them was different too.  I was kind to the person rather than angry/upset but I also made sure that the person didn’t wriggle out of their responsibility for the upset by making the usual excuses and false platitudes.  I was in an on-going self development group at the time and everyone noticed the diffence


‘Helene has a real insight into movement and the body. She showed an amazing ability to pick up on my needs at the beginning of each session. This resulted in the sessions all being very therapeutic but in different ways, varying from energising to relaxing, healing, loosening and freeing. I now feel more in touch with my body and what it needs and will start experimenting with moving in different ways. Thanks Helene for your wisdom and insight. You've definitely opened up possibilities to me that I'd been wanting to move towards but didn't know how to!’