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Helene Su

Tel: 07990764471

What’s App:+34 645 669861


Raising your Vital Life Force - The Science and the Practice

Yoga Dance

Elemental Dance

Authentic Movement

Continuum Workshops at:

Buddhafield, Sunrise, Shakti Yoga Gathering, Healing Field Gathering, Big Chill, Shambala, Independent Yoga Festival, Santosa Yoga Gathering, Glade and yoga dance classes various venues in UK

Elemental Dance workshop at Ibiza Spirit Festival.

Yoga dance classes in Ibiza

Past Events


17.30 - 19.00


We use asana, breathwork, bodymind awareness, soundwork and freeflow dance to ground, remove blockages, shift and transform. A moving meditation to world, tribal and electronica to access our primal spirit and true nature in heartfelt connection.

DANCE PERFORMANCE  with Classical Spanish Guitarist Dan Bentley

TALK: The Science of Connection

Yoga in Sanskrit means to unite. We find Bliss when we feel at One with the universe and our individual consciousness unites with Supreme Consciousness. Ancient cultures have known for centuries about the mind body connection, and modern science is finally catching up. What happens in this sacred space? We will look at neuroscience, quantum physics and subtle body energetics to start unravelling this question...

Ibiza Energy Week

October 2016