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Raising your Vital Life Force - The Science and the Practice

Yoga is not about physical achievement and beauty - that is one of its potential fringe benefits. Instead it is the journey, the stumbles, hills big and small that are climbed and the occasional breathtaking vistas found along the way that are our teachers and rewards.

Yoga is a state of being.

When you reach that point, all questions stop.

The breath quietens and the mind stills.

You feels a sense of integration, wholeness and peace.

Our Elemental Bodies

Earth gives us roots and stability

Water gives liquidity to our flow

Fire sheds and transforms

Air opens and softens

Ether is the evolving lightness of being

By allowing our breath to dance freely in our bodies, we release tension. This in turn releases stress in our minds. By twisting out our physical and mental knots, lubricating our joints, and nourishing our cells with oxygen, we can clarify our thoughts and embody our intentions.

Consistent yoga practice can enable us to:

◊ be kind to ourselves

◊ detach from our own self-destructive criticism

◊ make impartial, balanced judgements

◊ through our bodies, gain direct knowledge

◊ experience freedom in action

Om Shanti Om